Lowhouse Haven Hostel

The Hostel, which is family-owned and affiliated to the Youth Hostel Association, comprises of 6 rooms which can accomodate up to 31 guests. This comprises a male dormitory, a female dormitory and four family rooms. It is ideal, whether you just need a single bed for the night or need a charming location for large family or group event.


The Campsite

The campsite is situated directly behind Lowhouse Haven in a picturesque valley. With pitches for up to eight tents and easy access to parking, it gives the seclusion and peace of rural camping with the convenience of being able to use all the facilities in the Hostel and, of course, access to "The Baa".


"The Baa"

"The Baa" was built at one end of Lowhouse in 2016. It is a small,unique and quirky little pub with a cobblestone floor and an ever increasing amount of sheep related decoration. It serves high quality local ales, its own range of sheep themed cocktails as well as the usual pub fare.

The Lowhouse is a 17th century building in the picturesque Durham village of Edmundbyers. Over the years, it has been a old Inn and Hostel. When we purchased it in 2016, it still had a licence and so we decided we would do both. Our aim is to provide a fun, mememorable and comfortable stay to our guests so they can enjoy the stunning countryside. The "Baa" was built from scratch and we are extremely proud of it. It is small and quirky, and has become a firm favourite of the local farming community, of which we are very much part, and also the guests of our hostel, caravan and campsite, many of whom are repeat visitors. When standing in the "Baa" enjoying a local ale or sheep themed cocktail, you may well bump into a  Hollywood star, as many frequently visit. Well ok, that bit's not actually true, but one of our bulls did once escape and look in through the window. Or you can sit in our beer garden, looking over the beautiful valley as a flock of wildebeast attempt to venture accross the small river at the bottom of the valley while stalked by a pride of hungry lions. Again, that's not actually true either, but we do have a lot of sheep. (I guess the clue is in the name). Thank you for checking in with us, please come see the beautiful place in which we are set, enjoy a drink and a bed for the night, or book the whole place for a wonderful get together or celebration.

Have a lovely day!

The Baa at Lowhouse Haven Hostel


Enquiries and Booking

For bookings, please click the link to the YHA website, call us on 01207 255651 or email info@lowhousehaven.co.uk